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  • CASMARA PREMIUM body mask Full pack of 4 CRYOGENIC-Hydrates, tones and firms the skin-Peel-off body masks

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    CASMARA laboratories Spain

    The inventors of algae peel off facial mask in 1974

    Casmara- Algae peel-off Body Mask : Cryogenic Firming mask 

    Economy full pack- 4 treatments - 4 x ( 250 ml gel + 50 gr powder )   

    "The most innovative avant-garde body Cosmetics"

    High technology cosmetics formulated with seaweed extracts that provides a powerful hydrating effect, along with diverse active ingredients which are different on every mask. Therefore, we offer a varied collection that meets the needs of every type of skin. Lowers the temperature of your skin by up to 6ºC, providing a draining effect

    Algae Pell-Off body mask is an exclusive and innovative way to treat your skin

    Nothing compares to it.

    Firming Body Mask.

    Hydrates, tones and reaffirms the skin thanks to its cooling effect and the contribution of minerals and vitamins.


    The Cryogenic Firming Mask (cold effect) is recommended in all body treatments when a firming, toning, decongestive action is required:  firming breast treatment, tired and heavy legs treatment, etc.              Do not apply the cryogenic mask on the face.  The specific brown algae, proprietary to Casmara, accumulate a large quantity of water and are ten times richer in oligoelements than land plants. Solar energy, combined with marine nutrients, enables the algae to store a large quantity of biological energy such as: organometallic compounds, sugars, amino acids, vitamins and oligoelements.

    Key Ingredients:

    Goji Berry, Avocado Oil


    The Combination of SPECIFIC MARINE ELEMENTS.The Casmara Algae Peel Off Body Masks contain high concentrations of specific marine elements which are rich in minerals and nutrients


    Firming effects that enhance the treatment of flaccid cellulite.

    Toning and moisturising effects, due to its moisturizer content.

    Provides minerals, proteins and vitamins, improving the skin condition.

    Relieving and relaxing effects. Especially indicated for tired and heavy legs, oedematous areas, etc.

    A feeling of relaxation and comfort in the areas where it is applied.

    Skin Type Suitability: All Skin Types

    Expiry date : 10/2020


    Casmara Masks are not ready- made, nor pulled out from a foil pack! They're in powder form, and mixed during the session and  the active ingredients remain fresh prior to usage, which means they're 100 times more effective than  ready-made face masks.


    About Casmara 

    Casmara is the leading skin care brand from Spain (Valencia) dedicated to research & development, manufacture & distribution of premium quality cosmetics, with solid experience, since 1974. Available in 60 countries around the world, Casmara has been the first to introduce the ‘Original Algae Peel Off Facial Masks’. The company specializes in facials, treatments and homecare range of beauty products for all skin types.