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  • CASMARA VITALIZING,ENERGIZING Intensive Q 10 SERUM Rejuvenating very dry skin

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     Spain-EU leading skincare brand

    CASMARA laboratories Spain

    The inventors of algae peel off facial mask in 1974


    “Rejuvenating very dry skin”

    VITALIZING is an exclusive product line that enhances the authentic beauty and health of your skin.

    The CASMARA Investigation Centre has combined rejuvenating active ingredients of the most excellent quality with two fundamental Bioenergy ingredients: COENZYME Q-10 and CREATINE.Your skin obtains the energy to restore its activity. The face regains its radiance and splendor.

    The skin is reactivated, repaired, healthy and full of life.

    Who is this for?

    Dry skin.

    Unisex formula for mature and demanding skin


    Quality cellular anti-ageing cosmetics.

    Hyaluronic acid: 24-hour optimal moisturizing.

    Bioavailable Vitamin C: powerful antioxidant and natural protector.

    Extraordinary natural oils with intense nourishing properties.


    Energized, firm and elastic skin.

    Moisturized face with a younger appearance and full of life.

    Unisex formula for mature and demanding skin types.

    AIRLESS SYSTEM for serum and creams.

    Active ingredients

    VITAMIN C: A natural antioxidant and regenerating agent

    HYALURONIC ACID: HYALURONIC ACID: It moisturizes and densifies the skin filling wrinkles from within.

    COENZYME Q-10: A natural ingredient that transforms nutrients into energy for cells. It activates cell metabolism by stimulating the dermis and epidermis

    CREATINE: A natural antioxidant and regenerating agent. It decreases oxidative stress and stimulates collagen production.


    50 ml/ 1.7 fl.oz

    Expiry date : 05/2020


    About Casmara 

    Casmara is the leading skin care brand from Spain (Valencia) dedicated to research & development, manufacture & distribution of premium quality cosmetics, with solid experience, since 1974. Available in 60 countries around the world, Casmara has been the first to introduce the ‘Original Algae Peel Off Facial Masks’. The company specializes in facials, treatments and homecare range of beauty products for all skin types.